“Unknown Living.”


Disgusted with filthy movies and filthy music, especially porn-stars and so called rappers. You believe in media that has always given fake and manipulated news to you. Shut down your fuckin’ ‘idiot box’ (*TRP*) and stop buying tickets to see orgasm as an acting and to listen same beats as a music. You are making them billionaire (*boycott*). Youth is getting influenced day by day. Women are becoming men and bitches. Men are becoming dogs and homos. Divorce numbers are increasing than marriages. End of the world is close. Nudity fuckin’ everywhere. Everyone living in haste in fulfilling daily needs. Television/media/society/friends are playing a huge role in your child’s foundation/upbringing more than you and your family. And when they go against you (*WTF*). Singles dying to get mingle. Mingled looking for replacement. And the dream of happy married life is getting out of reach. Husband and wife goes to work – maid becomes housewife – wife becomes competitor and you know what is next; dispute, stress, inefficiency (*boom*). | Shadab Shaikh

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